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5 Extras That Make Horse Travel a Breeze

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Some of your best and most cherished memories are probably of spending time traveling with your horse -- but let’s face it, pulling a basic two-horse trailer across country can leave a lot to be desired. Next time you find yourself looking at horse trailers for sale, consider how these extras can revolutionize the way you travel with your horse:

Cowboy Shower. A cowboy shower isn’t an expensive upgrade to a trailer, but it can return dividends in on the road comfort and convenience. Not only will you be able to shower without having to wait your turn at a camp bath or barter a shower off someone with living quarters, cowboy showers can be used to wash your horse down or help him cool off on a hot day.

Solid-Sided Stall. Whether this is a smaller stall or a full-sized box stall, having at least one of your trailer stalls outfitted with a solid divider gives you a flexible storage area. Whether you choose to stash extra supplies, a cot or an infirm or young horse in the solid-sided stall, you’ll be prepared for any sort of surprise your horse travels may bring.

Trailer Cam. Everybody worries on long trips with their horses. It helps to stop and check on them every few hours, but horses can get tangled or caught in mere seconds. With a trailer cam and a co-pilot to keep an eye on it, you’ll know right away if something isn’t right in the horse compartment. Often, trailer cams can make the difference between a horse who is seriously injured in the trailer and one that can be calmed and reloaded with little noticeable wear.

Extra Water Tanks. From fueling cowboy showers on the road to giving your horse a drink, an extra water tank or two can make traveling much easier. Some horses are very sensitive to the flavor of the water they’re drinking and will dehydrate rather than drink water that tastes strange -- all the more reason to bring enough water from home to sustain your horse through your journey.

HayRaks and HayPods. To keep your horse trailer as short as possible, look up for extra storage. HayRaks and HayPods are convenient storage options for necessary supplies like hay bales and water tanks, but they can also be used to stash portable generators, camping supplies and extra horse equipment. These lightweight roof racks are great for getting weather-resistant items out of the horse box -- an optional weather-proof cover makes HayRaks and HayPods great for all sorts of travel conditions.

Whether you’re ready to commit to a new trailer or are simply looking for a way to make your old trailer work better, these five extras are a great place to start. After all, they don’t require any extra space, are simple to install and can make your old trailer useful for many more years.  There’s nothing wrong with wanting to travel a little easier, after all, a decent night’s sleep and a shower can make all the difference on a horse trip.

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