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Five Barrel Racing Training Books

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This is the first in a series about good books to buy in the equestrian, saddle, and tack related fields. From time to time we will highlight books that might suit the interest in someone coming to our website to purchase western horse saddles and other tack items. Our first list is a list of books relating to barrel racing.

The first book on our list is Secrets to Barrel Racing Success by Heather A. Smith.

The second book on our list is also by Heather A. Smith and is entitled The First 51 Barrel Racing Exercises to Develop a Champion

The third barrel racing book on our list is Charmayne James on Barrel Racing by Charmayne James.

The fourth book on the list is Fine Tuning Barrel Horses by Jessi Mead.

The fifth book on our list is Barrel Racing 101: A Complete Program For Horse and Rider.

I hope you have enjoyed the list.  Please feel free to share comments below about any of these books that you have read.  You can also add comments about other books about barrel racing that you have read that you like.

Whether you are a barrel racing enthusiast or you just love horses I hope you will visit our website.  We have a wide selection of western horse saddles.  We carry an extensive line of barrel saddles.  If there is ever anything you are looking for that you can't find in our store please contact us using the form provided on the "Contact Us" page or simply email us at admin@texasstarsaddles.com.

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