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Texas Technical Large Animal Emergency Rescue Awareness Class

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I wanted to pass on some information that I received today from Jonna Johnson the Texas State Horse Council Disaster Preparedness Chairperson.

Dear Fellow Equestrians,

As there has been an increase in horse trailer accidents and horse related disasters of barn fires and other life threatening events, I feel it is now more important to get the horse community involved.

Please send this out to your friends, community responders and veterinarians.

This class usually cost two to four times as much. We are NOT trying to make a buck. We are trying to get people educated so we do not have to see the same heart breaking scenes occur over and over, due to lack of education.

Why invest thousands in an animal, equipment, and lessons and then not be able to help do a few things for it in a crisis that can save its life or help it be able to be used again?

Its not a matter of if something will happen, its when. Until then few think about it. Only then do they wish they knew what to do.

You can know what to do and you can make a difference for all involved.

Thank You- Jonna Johnson TSHC chair-------------------------

The 2014 Texas TLAER class is now accepting registrations.

Even if you have attended the class before, come join us again as every class is different.

New and updated material will be covered.

A big THANK YOU to TLAER, TEEX, Brazos Valley Equine Hospital and the Sam Houston Race Park for making the 2014 Texas class possible.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions.

Thank You-- Jonna Johnson

TSHC Disaster Preparedness Chair

Links to the registration form and to other information can be found below.





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